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Double room with private bathroom
From €68.00 / d
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Room for 2 people with private bathroom and adjustable motor beds. Bed linen and towels are always included in the price. Shared toilets and bathrooms and a sauna are at the disposal of the guest.

The room lock works with a code. The code is delivered as a text message before the start of the accommodation. The room code keypad is located on the room door handle.

The motel does not have a reception staff, staff can be reached by telephone.

Room equipment

  • motor beds

  • television

  • fridge

  • small desk

  • wireless Internet

More information

  • room size 10 - 12 m², the layout of the rooms varies

  • two shared kitchens

  • for longer accommodations, room cleaning is done once a week

  • free parking and motor heating

  • no smoking

  • pets are not allowed